Best Air Purifier For Home Use

hydroxyl-generatorAdvertising leaves a great impact on human mind and is a great influencer. We often see commercials questioning us where do we spend most of our time- indoors or outdoors? Do you want to eliminate smoke, dust, bad odor, pollutants? The solutions they offer are ozone generators, hydroxyl generators or air cleaners. But are they really effective? Are they safe?  As a consumer I have always been concerned about my family getting the best which also includes a dust free, germ free, and pollution free environment and naturally such commercials have always lured me.  Who wouldn’t want pure air to breathe all the time, so I decided to do some research before I actually get one at home. As I read through the various brochures and comparing the different air purifiers available, I came across most of the products stating in fine print that they produce excess ozone. Now I was confused as to whether ozone is good or bad. On further research I found that ozone generators do have the ability to remove unwanted odors, smoke but do not effectively remove pollen or bacteria or other contaminants as claimed by the advertisers. Also they produce unsafe levels of ozone while functioning which can make our lungs more vulnerable to infection.  Instead I found Hydroxyl generators more safe and proven technology. They neutralize odors in the air, purify air but they are a safer alternative because the air they generate is not harmful to breath. Also Hydroxyl Generators can be used in a variety of places, both indoors and outdoors and helps restoration at many outdoor sites. I still feel that clean air, especially inside our homes can be purified by taking a few steps. Eliminate waste, dust on time, thus reducing odors, pollutants. Do not smoke indoors. Add additional ventilation if needed (windows, fans). Keep indoor plants such as Aloe Vera, Gerber daisy, Chrysanthemum, Chinese evergreen, Bamboo palm and many more as they filter out common volatile organic compounds.